Monday, 21 March 2016

Silly Sentence

                                    Silly Sentence 

We have two period today first activity we play kahoot it, kahoot it it a fun learning site we use in Biology. In our kahoot it we just revise on what we learn last week Taxes and Kinesis. It was helpful and beneficial for me because last week was so busy with Polyfest and I was missing a lot of my school work. However with that quick recap it help regain what the different between Taxes and Kinesis is. 
Also with today's learning we have a quest with us, my teacher's laptop because she is filming us with almost everything we are doing in class.  
Before posting this I just finished the work my teacher gave us and that is to make up a silly question with these sentence about the 5 characteristic of Innate Behaviour.
And here are those 5 sentences.

  • It can be passed to offspring (inherited from their parents).

  • Even if offspring were raised away from their parents, they would still be able to do the behaviour because it is ‘intrinsic.’

  • Every single member of the species will perform the behaviour in exactly the same way.

  • Practicing the behaviour will not develop it at all or make it better or changed at all.

  • The very first attempt at doing the behaviour will be 100% correct, as it is fully developed on the first try. No coaching or teaching is required, they can just do it.
And this is my silly question with no explanation!!!!
Thank you!

Offspring being raised away, with same behaviour, and without practise it 100% correct.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Reflection on my first assessment 'Homoeostasis'

How it went? First assessment was pretty inflexible especially when you want to have a good grade. I thought it would be pretty easy because it will be similar to one of the assessment we did last year 'Gas exchange.' However my assessment on 'Gas exchange'  I find it quiet hard compared to my Homoeostasis assessment. This is because I have no idea what to write for my Gas exchange assessment, and with Homoeostasis you kinda know what to write because it similar to your Gas exchange assessment. The hardest was finding reliable website also putting words into your understanding. The easiest was copying and paste all the information.

2 tips to be successful- Listen to your teacher in class take note and ask question and be prepared to be work hard, always remember don't stop when your tired stop when your done!
Thank you