Thursday, 8 September 2016


Do now: A rabbit is active at down and dusk. It's normal activity is recorded in a lab for 6 days then recorded in constant darkness for another 10 days. There is still a pattern to the rabbit behaviour but it start 20 minutes later each day.

Describe or re-write what is happening using each of these words at least once.

1. Zeitgeber
2. entrained
3. biological clock
4. endogenous
5. exogenous
6. circadian
7. circatidal
8. phase shift
9. period of
10. nocturnal
11. diurnal
12. crepuscular
13. biorhythm

The biorhythm shown by the rabbit is crepuscular because it active at down and dust. It's normal crepuscular rhythm was recorded for 6 days with the ...... present, which was...... the rhythm  when the rabbits activity was recorded in darkness the .... was removed and the activity pattern became.....which means biorhythm is ...                  

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