Sunday, 14 February 2016

Another Lesson

     'Another Recap Of What We Learn Last Week'

Last period of the day, Bio is always the best class to end a BORING day with. This period we are getting our NCEA Level 3 Biology Internals Book, exciting right! Anyway for this period we are learning or going through what we learn last week which is 'Diabetes.' However, the topic for today is 'Control Of Blood Glucose.' Pretty interesting as our key idea is: The endocrine portion of the pancreas produces two hormones, insulin and glucagon, which maintain blood glucose at a steady state through negative feedback.
Nothing much but it was a really proactive period for most of us I guess.

Thank you


  1. Hi Lana,

    It's great to see you updating your blog of your own volition, I enjoy reading what you thought the lesson was like and your summary of the key point shows you were paying attention! I would love to hear what the difference is between negative feedback and positive feedback is. I'll keep trying to make the lessons not boring for you :) See you in Period 3.

    1. Hi miss, of course I try to listen in class, wish I have lots of time to keep updating my blog tbh. Anyway thanks for reading it!