Wednesday, 10 February 2016

'Pretending To be A Doctor For A Period Is Super Cool'

               'Fake Hospital Admission Chart'

Name: Mary Vitale
PAN# 139782
Date: 14 Jan 2016

Waitomo Service Hospital

Patient Presenting with:

Patient is a 52 year old Samoan female, height 170cm, weight 125kg.

Presenting with breathlessness and fatigue, weight loss (down from 146kg), excessive thirst and increased urination.

Referred from Doctor due to 3 vaginal yeast (thrush) infections in the last 2 months.  

Diagnosis:  Type 2
Type 2 Diabetes This patient is showing type 2 diabetes symptoms due to her having trouble with her breath and having fatigue, excessive thirst and increased urination. Main important is her 3 vaginal yeast(thrush in the past last 2 months. These are signs she have type 2 diabetes.
Falling risk:
Non-slip socks
Nurse assistance
Treatment advised:
Due to her weight, her diet need to change this means she need to have more of vegetables and drink more water due to her fatigue. Therefore she needs to take tablets to reduce blood glucose levels.

Failure to comply with treatment advised will result in:

If the patient don’t follow the requires she will have a high risk of fainting and losing some part of her body as the blood is thick with sugar and gluggy after a high sugar, high GI meal, which causes blood flow to be restricted or struggle to pass quickly through smaller veins and capillaries. If she don’t follow her diet her weight will be uncontrollable and this will affect her everyday life activities.

Assistance with eating:

Signed: _Lana Poila

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